Car rental conditions
Conditions for the driver:
- age from 21 to 65 years
- presence of a driving license and a total experience of 2 years

Payment for car rental is possible in the following ways:
- cash on receipt of the car
- transfer to the company's bank account
After receiving the car, it remains depending on the car from 500 to 500 euros, which is returned upon delivery of the car with a clean and adequate amount of fuel in the tank. Mileage restrictions apply to some models.

Other conditions:
Rental centers for car rental are located in Ljubljana, Portorož, Koper. You can order car delivery to the address, the service is paid, the costs are charged on request.

The number of days is counted as days, and 24 hours from 12.00 hours from the date of issue of the car, when the next 24 hours arrive, is counted as the next day. The surplus is paid extra.
To drive a car outside Slovenia, we need to be reminded of this and we will write the relevant contract in the contract completely FREE OF CHARGE.

All cars have standard insurance - coverage for damage to other road users and a green card - insurance outside the border of the Republic of Slovenia.
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